About The Jam

Have you ever experienced the power of music?  Have you seen its ability to connect people to something bigger than themselves?  Music has the power to help us envision a world different and better than the one we are in, and to reach for that vision.  The Jam seeks to share the power of music with struggling young people—and teach them to use it for themselves.

The Jam is a youth-focused music initiative of the non-profit organization The CollECtive Choir.  We are a life-giving music community for teens (age 12-18) led by a team of music-passioned, Christ-centered individuals.  We aspire to help young people discover and share their creative voice in the context of a safe, caring, and uplifting community.  We want to help teens use music in community as a means to explore their world, uncover their potential, and affirm their infinite value.  

Our Mission

The Jam's mission is to help teens grow in their passion for music, their spirit of creativity, and their value of self.


Our Vision

Our vision is for every teen to

realize their infinite value.

Meet The Team


Dawson Redenius

Music Skills Staff

Dawson loves people and making good music.  He has helped with many musical projects in the community, and he is the lead player in a contemporary and experimental music quartet, "Sweater People."  Recently he joined a band in the Twin Cities, Good Morning Bedlam, on keyboard and trumpet.  He has also recorded on multiple projects and arranges and performs in CollECtive Choir of Eau Claire, WI.


Michael Rambo

Lead Music Facilitator

Michael has been in the creative music area for as long as he can remember. Music was the one thing he couldn’t not do, so he made a career out of it: he has been in 6 bands, written and/or produced 9 albums, taught music lessons, written jingles, and has been a music director at 2 schools and 4 churches. God has blessed him now to be the full-time music director for a Gospel and Hip Hop community called the CollECtive Choir. Michael wants to be a part of The Jam because he loves speaking the universal language of music and helping others find their ‘voice’ in it.