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Kaitlyn Bembenek


"Having the event on Half Moon Beach was one of the best ideas anyone could have come up with. Not only was there a big chance of getting others join in, who were new and had no idea what the Jam’s purpose was, but it also had a positive effect on my mind and possibly others as well. I, personally, felt that the atmosphere purposefully made the experience better for me. From the water to the wind, and simply to the nice shade provided by the tree. It provided a peace of mind and allowed you to truly have fun with the activities those at the Jam had put together.

The first time I went to the Jam there had not been many people there, but this time was the exact opposite. It truly allowed me to see how the Jam functioned on a full scale level and also let me see the type of activities that were usually planned. Looking at what I experienced this week and the other time I went, I would not even hesitate to go to the event again. It simply lets you let loose and form a connection with others over music."

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Kaitlyn Bembenek "The Jam’s mission states that its purpose is to help teens grow in their passion for music, their creativity and most importantly their value of themselves. The first experience I h